Asbestos Advice From Hertfordshire Removal Company

This week we were lucky enough to get some professional guidance from a local Harpenden based asbestos removal consultant, Darren. He visited the studios to help us identify whether the roof contained asbestos – a worrying time since our engineers went up into the loft space for the first time in years and were concerned about what they found!

Fortunately, in this case we were lucky, but for thousands of premises across the county of Hertfordshire, the threat from this once common building material is still very real. We asked Darren for some tips for the listeners and he joined in with the breakfast team to go over them, even talking to a couple of listeners who phoned in – thanks Darren!

Top Asbestos Advice

Firstly, we learned that it’s best not to touch any areas you think might be suspicious, and certainly don’t dig into it to see what you find. That’s particularly important if it’s been disturbed in any way. There’s more advice on Darren’s company.

Darren tells us that the threat comes when the asbestos fibres become airborne, as that’s the time they can be inhaled, which could result in them getting stuck in your lungs. That’s what causes the horrific diseases we hear about on the TV and from solicitors looking to pursue claims on adverts. Amazingly, did you know it can decades to fall ill after inhaling the fibres?

If You’re Unsure, Get A Quote

Probably the biggest takeaway point from Darren’s visit was that there’s help available if you need it. Many companies offer a survey to test for asbestos, so you don’t need to inadvertently commit to having materials removed when there may be no asbestos present. Samples can be taken away for testing and action taken based on the results. That means that your removal quote may not be anywhere near as expensive as you might expect!